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help with recording or transcribing


Hi! I'd like to ask native Thai speakers to help record and/or transcribe short texts or dialogues. For any other language I normally use the website rhinospike, but there are no Thai speakers (esp. women) there. Please, have a look at this website:

By helping others you can get help with a language/languages you're studying.

If you really don't want to sign in there, could you record a couple of texts for me (a female speaker is preferred)



I have just seen this website : ) 


I am reading how to record it ^^

I hope it will not have problems, then I will try.


Thank you for the transcriptions!! If you need any help with Russian/French/English, just ask :)


I am so glad to help : ) 

Please check the memo I recorded it, if it is not okay I will make another one : ) 

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