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Let's play "Shiritori" game!


Do you know one of Japanese games, "Shiritori"?


shiritori; a word game played by saying a word that starts with the last syllable of the word given by the previous player


If someone said the word ends with "n", the game will finish. I'll start it again with a word begins with "a".


If someone said any absurd or thoughtless words, please ignore it and return before one.


If you write a difficult word, please add your simple explanation to it.


For example, ancientTrilingualLuxembourg→・・・


Please write one word a once.


Let's bigin!







rhinoceros(an animal like a hippopotamus)→?



spaghetti →?





Thanks for your cooperation, the three people! I hope you'll join me again at your free time ^^


Excuse me, I mad a mistake to do this game. We should be finish it as one of the rules(Please read the explanation how to play.), if someone told a word ends with "n". So I'll begin it with a word begins "a" again.


Please try to say except the wrods that were already written ^^


Are you ready?





*I'm sorry for being inattentive!


Hello again! Thanks. I don't mind. I'm very very glad that you came back here^^ Can you tell me how to read your name? We call the Kanji "娜" "な" . What does it mean in Chinese?


I was thinking about "negotiation" as my word before "neighbour", it may have been ended with my turn. Hahaha・・・ :D





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