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Italian television, radio, podcasts

Ciao a tutti!


Where do you go for beginner to intermediate Italian television, radio, or podcasts? I've been hunting for videos on youtube, but I haven't found nearly as useful material as I used to use when studying French and Spanish. Any suggestions would be appreciated!



Thats so true, there isnt enough stuff online, but i saw this movie was fun, u can also go to there are some italian movies with english or french subs, if anybody knows more would be great


Try searching for cartoons, but search in Italian. The dialogue is usually pretty simple! Also I think it makes a difference if you change your YouTube settings to Italian language, and go through - you will get different videos


Ciao Goyo,

puoi provare qui:

Su euronews puoi ascoltare le notizie in italiano e in altre 13 lingue.


Dalla Germania:


il portale Trio della Regione Toscana

ti devi registrare per ascoltare i podcast:




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