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learning introductory spanish

whats the fastest and easy way to learn spanish




Live in a country where spanish is spoken...

get a lot of spanish speakers and talk, this way i have learnt english a lot (y)

of course you will need motivation ant discipline as well.



I think the better form to speak Espanish is obviusly practicing, with songs, read books and speaking with people native... I can help you... I'm mexican and I'll be glad to help you :D


Spanish is not a very difficult language to learn (according to my teaching experience) but learning a language is always a never ending and long way. But it's fun! Greetings from Madrid. 

Telenovelas :D

above all, be patient and hardworker. In the long run, you will get your aims

I started learning Spanish in April, and I found this audio-course on the web. It's called Synergy Spanish. Learning was really easy and I think brought some results. But then I got really busy with my English, so simply didn't have any time for Spanish( But the course was really good! Has anybody else heard about it or tried it before?

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