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Learn english language

how first step to learn english language?
help me,



Vocabulary is the first lesson you need to approach. Instead of rote learning , I suggest you might use every words you learned to make a complete sentence . English is not only memorial learning  but also absorption and digestion . keep balance between input and output  and organized sentence would be ingrained into your intuitive thinking . 


and create your own english learning environment

heya, I'm a native English speaker. I'm not a teacher but from my experience you need to make it interesting for yourself.  set yourself a topic you want to start with, then set yourself 10 words a day to learn. Watch English children's tv as they use simple language with subtitles in English if you can. try and translate what your doing day to day into English. For example whilst making a cup of tea, learn how to say 'I am making a cup of tea'. This means you'll be integrating English into your day to day life and can start to see similarities in sentence structure. Find podcasts on the Internet to listen to or 90 second news updates. Write down as many words as you can recognise within that 90 seconds. The more you do it the more you'll be able to improve. Any words that continue to come up add to your vocab list to learn with your '10 words a day'. And last thing: find programmes that you like and see if they come with English audio/subtitles. That way you'll know what's going on and enjoy watching it but can also learn english too. Hope this has been somewhat helpful in helping to learn a new language :)

thank you so much,
I will try it,


Hi Syarifudin, 


I think the best way to learn English is to listen to it. Listen to some audio books, read the book at the same time as you are listening to the audio to see how the words are pronounced. Many English words are not phonetical, that means the words are not pronounced the same way they are written. Then practice speaking English, speaking is a different skill from reading, listening and writing. 

Please contact me if you want to practice your conversational English. I am a British native speaker and I'm very patient and encouraging. I also speak some Malay.

thanks you so much because you want help me to learn english language,

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