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What American Drama are u watching very recently? 最近在看什么美剧呢?

I have been watching Lie to me. Do u have any short ones to recommend?

The last one I saw is Broke Sisters、Arrows.



I don't know what you prefer, but I really liked the Vampire Diaries, the Secret Circle, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, and Drop Dead Diva. Hope you enjoy one of my recommendations at least haha. 


I loved the show Lie To Me!!! I was so sad when it was cancelled.  For short ones, do you mean only a few seasons long?  I liked Dark Angel, I think it only lasted two seasons.  Happy Town was not even a complete season, so watch out, it ends without resolution.  Millennium was 3, a very interesting show. Moonlight was one season, or maybe not quite one whole season. The Forgotten and My Own Worst Enemy, both one season, both with Christian Slater, whom I love.  These are some shows I really enjoyed.  Other favorites have had very long runs, 7-9 seasons, and a very long time investment. 

Grey's anatomy

英文里“recently”必然指过去的时间,因此动词要用过去时态,不能说“are u watching”,而应该说“have you been watching”或者“have you watched”。

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