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Would you mind fall in love with a boy younger than you 4 years ?




I have dated young men as much as 13 years younger than I. It was never a problem for me. I have loved and still love (from a distance, do we ever really stop loving someone?) one young man that I dated when I was 31, and he was turning 19! On a grammar note: the question is better stated, "Would you mind falling in love with a boy 4 years younger than you?"


Hardly! ;) He was of legal age, and honestly so much more mature for his age, and basically a genius. He was not your typical 19-year-old.

Thanks very much, Stephanie :)


No problem. Is age between people a problem when dating where you are from?

Thanks very much!

love is blind.. it can happen with anyone, age does not matter feelings matters.. no body ask his or her age before love someone it is natural.. who cares age if we r in love only better understanding and tuining matters :)

The age is not important.

love is complicated to say ,love someone u love whatever they are or how old they are.

My husband is 3 years younger than me, we live happily together already 21 years :) 

love does not age

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