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Do you believe in soulmate?



yes , i do . that's the spirit that you can not looking for but have to build it .

yes i believe.. because there is someone, somewhere who is made for me.. god knows where is she when and how we meet.. 

Surely, Cayla, it's possible, but not everyone has a luck to get it. Unfortunately. 


I do. I believe that God has created soulmates for each of us. We will eventually meet him/her on the right time. :)


It is not a matter with yes or no , instead , it is problems of when or where . To find a person who knows you well and touch your heart is a coincidental encounter . No matter where you are , you have the chance to find a soul mate . this guy could be your friend , teacher, classmate or any one you can conceive. It needs your precious time and arduous efforts as often as not . Mentor is hard to find also .

Yes. You must not look for love, Let love look for you. 

Thanks for answers. Yes ,I believe in soulmate.

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