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Do you believe in soulmate?



yes , i do . that's the spirit that you can not looking for but have to build it .

yes i believe.. because there is someone, somewhere who is made for me.. god knows where is she when and how we meet.. 

Surely, Cayla, it's possible, but not everyone has a luck to get it. Unfortunately. 

No, I believe that there are people who you can get along very well with, and you feel confortable beside them but there is no soulmate! there are lots of people who you can love if you find a chance to know them! but the matter is life doesn't give you a chance to know all people! :D


I do. I believe that God has created soulmates for each of us. We will eventually meet him/her on the right time. :)



It is not a matter with yes or no , instead , it is problems of when or where . To find a person who knows you well and touch your heart is a coincidental encounter . No matter where you are , you have the chance to find a soul mate . this guy could be your friend , teacher, classmate or any one you can conceive. It needs your precious time and arduous efforts as often as not . Mentor is hard to find also .

Yes. You must not look for love, Let love look for you. 

Thanks for answers. Yes ,I believe in soulmate.

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