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Do you know what is the diference between learning Spanish and speak Spanish in Mexico?

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hi Abiezer, 

i am new here ,and as ive seen your nice comments and noticing that you are a teacher i would be very thankfull if you could give me some advice about teaching online.


i am a tutor but ive always teached with books and not online . how should i do this?


thanks for your time 



Hello, Abieizer:


I do NOT speak Spanish very well, but I think that I know the difference.


I studied Spanish in an American secondary school and at an American university.  So I learned standard Spanish.


I hear that if I were to visit Mexico, I would have problems speaking with some people, for each Latin-American country has its own version of Spanish.  So I would not understand Mexican slang, for example. Furthermore, the vocabulary would often be different.


Of course, it would also depend on the educational level of the people with whom  I spoke.  I guess that if I spoke Spanish with very well-educated people, then they would understand my Spanish, and I would understand their Spanish.  But if I were to speak with less educated people, then I might have problems, for they might use more Mexican slang that I had never learned in school.


I have read, for example, that some mothers in Argentina do not like their children to watch TV shows from Mexico, because those mothers feel that Mexican Spanish is  so very different from the Spanish spoken in Argentina.


I have read that the Spanish spoken in Colombia is the closest to the Spanish spoken in Spain, but I do not know whether that is true.


Have you hear the english from America and the english from England??? Way too diferent right??? That's the diference, Mexico's spanish its way too diferent from spanish you can learn from e teacher from Spain, The spanish you learn from a Mexican teacher can be use in all over Latin-America, if you speak spanish from Spain, you will be the clown of the party, you chose.

Thanks Damaris for your explaination.



Standard Spanish is the same all over, just differences in accents and some basic vocabulary, but colloquial Spanish can differ quite a bit.  Colloquial Mexican Spanish can be very difficult to understand for a Cuban or Puerto Rican, and quite possibly vice versa.

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