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Saying NO to Italian men



What are the best ways to refuse an Italian man when he is hitting on you? 





1. Sono già fidanzata (I'm engaged)

2. Non sei il mio tipo (You're not my kind of man)

3. Parli italiano peggio dell'inglese (Your italian is worst than your english)

4. Ignoralo (shun him)

5. Mio fratello è molto grosso e non ama gli stalker (my brother is huge and doesn't like stalkers)

6. Vaffanculo (I think it's clear)


I suggest you #4

Hello cherkelleyhale


If you want to joke, you can say:


1) Have you voted Berlusconi at last elections?


2) Do you like JUVENTUS?


3) Do you live with your parents?


4) Do you have a job or are you a precarious?

How Simone Giugno said, these are the expression more used.

To quote Ferris Bueller's sister, "I just want you to know that I have a scorching case of herpes."


Hahaha. All of you are amazing for the funny + direct answers. Grazie!

This and the answers made my day. haha! :)

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