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Hi, I'm new here.

The question I've been given by Italki is "What do you want to do on Italki?"

I would like to find nice native English speakers who can correct my writing. I want to sound as natural as possible. I am currently in the initial research phase of my research paper on phonology (it is a branch of linguistics). I will have to write my research paper entirely in English.


I would also be really happy to learn some Chinese. It has been one of my goals for years now, but sadly the Chinese classes I took while being a freshman were too confusing.





Most people use italki to find a language partner so that they can speak together using an audio conversation.  Very few italki users use italki for serious academic writing.  I am willing to review your writing and I'm sure that there are also others who are also willing to help.

What do you want to do on italki? I think to learn language and find some friends to chat with. I also learn english now, more to improve my english skills on speaking :), 

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