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Real Madrid or FC Barcelona

Hello!!! I want to know differents points of view about this two great spanish teams.

Here in Spain, Real Madrid is the most popular team, but I know that FC Barcelona has a lot of followers aronud the world. actually, I think that FC Barcelona is more popular than Real Madrid. In fact, the last years, fc barcelona has won most of the championships played.

Wich is your favorite spanish football team?  :)



FC Barcelona...;-)

Hi Rene


For next spanish league, i see favourite Fc Barcelona, above all after buying a phenomenon as Neymar that will make it stronger than other teams.
Instead, about Real Madrid, i think it is became weaker after the leaving of Mourihno, but if is true the notice that Edison Cavani (I am fond of SSC Napoli) will be the next striker of Real Madrid, I have some doubts.
So the choise is very difficult.

FC Barcelona!

BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GO GO GO !!!!!!!

one vote for Real Madrid :-P

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