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Which book are you reading now?

I am reading with my children one of the "Artemis Fowl" series :) I really love it and names of the characters are simply amazing :)



Halthy, are you reading it all or just some parts? 

I bought the Kindle version but I did not start to read it yet :)

Game of Thrones \o/

I'm reading 'The Wasp Factory' by the recently deceased Iain Banks and I'm finishing off Salman Rushdie's autobiography. Also I'm beginning to read 'The Lion, the witch and the wardrope' in Spanish. I always have a few books on the go.


I´m reading some two or three Russian texbooks, and as soon as I get bored of one,I change to another. So I keep interested.Good bye!

I read a book about the life of Gandhi

Well, now I'm reading "Calculus B".

The Hour Game & The wedding dress - Former is a thriller, second is a romantic novel, what a combination jajaja... just trying to keep some balance. I don't usually read just One book at a time, sometimes I am reading 4 books on a certain span of time. :DDDD

I will look for that Artemis Fowl book, what is it about? Are you liking anything else in the story besides the character's names? :D

The 7 Habits of High Effective People by Stephen Covey. A bit out of date but really excellent book.

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