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Do you believe in the love at first sight?

Well.. I´m think that is a fantasy, when you see the person, you dream a lot with she or he but is only a fantasy. have a nice day.!Comments and corrections are welcome. :D



unless you and she/he all are beautiful.It turns on this situation in common,i think


I don`t know if it`s love, but I do believe in that "lightning bolt" moment when you meet someone you connect with instantly. That feeling of losing your breath the first time you see someone. I also believe you can love more than one person at a time, and may love many times in a lifetime. I am just not sure if love is eternal all the time. I may love someone for the rest of my life or I may fall out of love over time. Or possibly if we "fall out of love" we never really loved to begin with.....

Oh, you know much thinks about the love.. the love for me is very incredible, and yes, never know when it come true love :)

O yes Mansok ...the physique of a person sometimes attracts.

I have moments that the time stopped when I see someone first time. I wanna say that they all weren't that beautifull, but in their own ways, yes. Unfortunately, I did nothing. Therefore I can't prove that. Also I feel some kind of general love in me for a stranger /any women, children, men/ Ive never seen before. Maybe because some of them reminded me my mother, beloved ones, or I understood them, felt their beauty in deep /some have unpleasant appearances/.

i believe,but  I have never met 

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