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What is your favorite Korean food dish ??

I know many people may travel, or had different types of food besides their own food within their culture, so if you have ever tried Korean food , what's your fav ?? For me ::: 김치 (Kimchi) 삼겹살 ( Samgyeopsal) 짜장면(Jjajangmyeon) 비빔밥 ( Bibimbap) 떡볶이(Tteokbokki) 김밥(Gimbap)



저는 떡볶이 진짜 좋아요! 맛있어요~ <3

Bulgogi short ribs, mmmmmmm

I think the short ribs are Kalbi?

You are right steve. Kalbi are the short rib

Bulgogi is fire it is bbq


I´m sorry,I haven´t yet tried Corean food. Hope to taste soon!

I like 김치 (Kimchi) 삼겹살 ( Samgyeopsal) 비빔밥 ( Bibimbap) 떡볶이(Tteokbokki) I like Korean food!

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