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Which is a better study abroad destination for high schoolers: Hong Kong or China?

In 2014, I am going to study abroad for 10 months. I will be turning in my application soon, and I am not sure whether to mark China or Hong Kong as my first choice... I was wondering what the good/bad parts of each place would be? Thank you to anyone who answers!



it depends on what you want to learn and what kind of experience you want I personally think HongKong is more similar with western society and more international, but if you want to know more Chinese culture, you'd better to choose mainland

What major subject would your like to study ? Traditional Chinese is applied in Hong-Kong  . You might take Taiwan as your consideration if you want to study Chinese 

i think ud better go to hk


If you are trying to improve your Mandarin I suggest mainland China. Also if you go to Hong Kong you will need a visa everytime you want to go to the mainland unless it is a daytour with a guide.


If you go to the mainland you will have a big country to explore and you can always go to Hong Kong for a holiday. I found one week in Hong Kong was enough for me.

If you are going for Mandarin immersion, I would go to Beijing or mainland China. The pollution is worse in the mainland, but the Mandarin and Chinese cultural opportunities are better.

You can get Mandarin in Hong Kong, but Cantonese is really the language there. We met my dear friend who was born and raised in Hong Kong while we were in Beijing and she could not speak a word of Mandarin, so was a bit lost there. Taxi and bus drivers etc don't speak a word of English ( nor read it of course) , so get your Mandarin as strong as possible before going.

Also Beijing and Northern China has the best accent they say. Few speak English, so if you stay away from English speaking expats, you will have more opportunities in Beijing to really learn Mandarin.

Mainland is better. Mandarin is more standard and widely used in mainland. Mandarin for people grown up in HK or Taiwan is different. And I think English is used more often in HK than mainland China. Study in Beijing is the best I think~ Chinese dialects are different from places, and sometimes I can't understand the accent of locals the first time I went there. Most of young people in China can talk in Mandarin usually with a little bit mispronounce. And Beijing is the best place to learn Mandarin~

As a mainland Chinese and a college graduate, I highly suggest you go to HongKong for your study.

First, HK is a very international city, so it would be easier to communicate with your classmates as well as local residents. Even you want to learn Mandarin, it's still not a big issue cause more and more Hongkong people can speak Mandarin now due to the booming mainland travellers.

Second, the education quality in HK is much better than mainland, the teachers there focuse on teaching, intead of taking commercial projects to earn extra gains like most of mainland teachers do nowadays.

Last but not least, the pollution in mainland is so awful that it can probably harm your health more or less, especially in big cities like Beijing, where the best Chinese colleges locate. HK is much better.

Hole it's helpful.


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