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Hard to find a suitable language partner : (



Sophia, if you are unable to find a language partner, consider looking for a Language Tutor. With a Tutor you can practice speaking English/French/Urdu at a very reasonable price. In addition, it won't take you will save time searching for a partner, and you won't have to teach your tutor Chinese!

I agree, it is very hard to find a suitable, reliable talk exchange partner on italki. I've met some nice people, but I am looking for consistent partners every week.

What are you looking for? I am an American fluent in English and Spanish and at a 4th grade level in Mandarin.

I don't need a tutor..I have one in person. I am looking for some people to talk to every day on skype or qq. I am on China time zone and on every day during the week between 7pm and 9pm.

If you just need to talk too, you can talk to me in English and I can talk to you in Mandarin. ;)

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