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What is your opinion about DINK?

I  was born in a pretty traditional chinese family. And I know most of the chinese parents can't accept their children don't have kids in thier life. When I told my friends and families, they don't agree with my thought, actually. So, what's your opinion,my dear friends?




My husband and I are DINK's. We don't want to have children because they don't fit in our lifestyle (which is pretty adventures). It is our life and our decision and we don't care about other opinions. Luckily all our family members are ok with our decision, even though my husbands family is really religious. But everybody agrees because they love us and they understand our reasons. We are very lucky and happy people.

Hi, Sarah(*^__^*) Nice to receive your answer.It is nice to hear that u  live in a happy life what u want to .Best wishes to u all your life.Actually, It is hard to meet good man in china who can accept DINK life. And I don't want to lose the real me and my dreams, so I choose DINK style in my future, am I selflish?

I think it is your choice of lifestyle and you feel happy with it. To have children is a great response. If you think that you would like to dedicate your life to yourself (dreams and plans for future), just do it. Only you build your life, making progress and mistakes. I think if you will follow your relatives or friends' advice, you'll live how they want. I understand that our close people don't wish us any bad things but me must live how we want. good luck and don't loose your dreams!

I think Dink is selflish lifestyle, it just consider your life quality and not consider your parant and you husband thought, enven though you relative agree you behaviours and you thought in short time or current, as young person, live a dink life is so free and no pressure. but from long term, you can feel the alone and lonely when you go into old age. there no children beside you and you can't feel the glad and happy that your kids give you and what the mather means. so in china many family have a big family menber in here. it is specialy trues when you are older the childen give you the happy and care.

do you agree me thought? my english level cant give a good express. so sorry.



In my opinion, you are clearly not selfish! You take responsability for your dreams and your life. Everybody has the right to live the life he wants, because you live it for you and not for somebody else. I do understand that chinese culture and western culture is different. But still - the love for children is in all countries the same! You want your children to have a good childhood. If you are not convinced about having children and if you have to loose your selfe and your dreams just to satisfy the expectations of other people, you woun't be a good mother (probably) because you always think about your lost life. I think it's more responsible to stick to your dream and not having children, because it might be that they always will feel that maybe they are loved but they never were your dream. I wish you all the best, from the bottom of my heart, because I know how hard this situation is. You only live once - and your potential children too.

yes, wish you all the best. i really feel that the thought will change by the time go by, may be you think that dink is very good for you life in this time, but some years ago, maybe you really want  a yourself children in here. I remenber there is a movie show this condition. so i think that consider the things from long term and try collect good news for this so that you can give a good viewpoint. so i think one children is best for us.

And the very first beginning,I want to thank u again, nice Sarah,and thank u,the lovely Indira and the kind christin. To tell you all my true feeling, I want to show u all what my situation and plan are now and in the future.Actually,I am so luck to born in this city---guangzhou , and all the people think I should be a very good teacher in China and marry a  good guy which will leads a pretty perfect stable core family.

But what I want is to go to many different countries to come across different people and try different life styles.Actually,I like music and animals even more than a kind, but it doesn't mean I don't like kids. There are 2years left before I will graduate from my university.And I will choose to earn some money to go to study abroad cause I don't want to rely on my parents. And my dream is to meet my Mr.right and continue write my music and we'll adopt some lovely animals.So, I believe we ll be happy and satisfied even without kids cause we have our own dreams and interests. So, thanks for ur suggestion, Christin.You must be or will be a good mother.I believe it deeply.(*^__^*)

(All right, Sarah,do u have any animals in your home?) But the only thing I cann't lay down is my families, especially my almost 60-year-old parents. Bcause I want to accompany them to repay their all selfless love in their later years.

And,dear Indira,thanks for your kind encouragement.I know I should have a try, cauce I just have one life, my own life.



Sarah, Christin and Indira,thank u so much! I sincerely pray God bless you all happy and good healthy life all the time.

Don't loose your dream and enjoy your life,lovely girls, I hope we will meet one day in any places of this world.I will do my best if u need my help, my dear friensds.O(∩_∩)O




I know what you dreams. The only advice is follow you bliss, follow you passion. You can do nothing in life or business if you have on love for it. Accept advice from friends and family but in the end you must do what you must do, and you must do what you love or feel passionate about. People will always say you can't do something or that will never work, or why don't you do this or that instead. Smile and say thank you and then move on to whatever you want to do as it is you choice in the end. You will fail many times, but you will learn something every time. Oh and one more thing: If it is too difficult, it is not for you. If you try to do something and every time you are blocked some how, try something similar, but on a different path, you will find that what is not expected, may be what really is best for you. good luck.^_^

I and my wife was DINK before my children born .We did not plan to have kids at all . with an incidental conception  , we gave birth to 2 lovely boys  . We were forced to end our happy DINK life. However, we are still happy and accept it with joy , although this is not the predestined life style we wished  . I advise you might not defy your parents in public . All you have to do is ignore their instruction and loquacity  

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