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Mandarin or Japanese?

I haven't been able to enroll to a foreign language class but I'm still thinking what to take: Mandarin or Japanese? The class is just for additional knowledge and not a requirement whatsover. Thoughts anyone?



Do you like Japanese Animation? Are you corous about Chinese culture or anything about China? Ask yourself questions like these, you will find which one u'd like to take. By the way I am a Chinese.

It is curious~~~

heyaa,, have skype ?

marco here.



I should suggest Mandarin (if you were to ask me).


I assume that you wish to read it as well as speak it. So you will be required to learn thousands of characters. 


Of course, that is difficult.  But the "easy" thing about Mandarin is that you do not have to conjugate verbs. For example, in English, we have to learn: to be, am, is, was, were, being, been.  But the Chinese verb for "to be" NEVER changes form.


AFTER you learn Mandarin, you can then study Japanese.  And since Japanese also uses some Chinese characters, you will do very well, for you will have already learned the meaning of those Chinese characters. (Although the Japanese pronounce them differently.)


I wish to emphasize that I canNOT speak Mandarin.  I have been studying it since 1960.  My goal has been to READ it. I can now read EASY news articles (with a dictionary) and personal letters (if the characters are written clearly).


By the way, if you do choose Mandarin, you will have to make a big decision: Do you learn traditional or simplified characters? I suggest that you learn traditional ones.  Then you will more easily be able to read the simplified ones.



@Crazy610 - Thanks for the tip! I had a phase of watching Japanese anime but that was way back high school days. Have been able to travel to Hongkong before and we had difficulty communicating with the people there so I considered Mandarin. :)


@James - Yes, read and speak, and probably basic writing though I believe it would really be difficult :s The language institute didn't say if they're teaching traditional / simplified ones. I'll have that confirmed, thanks! :)


Thanks guys, more of leading towards Mandarin now. Wish me luck! :D

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