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How to cook delicious pizza?



Take all what you have in fridge, finely chopped, put on the pastry and leave in oven.. ))

Is this really delicious?

My wife do that and it' delicious, but i think i miss some details and cooking secrets. I don't know how to cook. ))

Ok,u r a happiness husband :)


A simple recipe:
Make your own dough and add the Italian flag ingredients: tomato sauce (homemade if it’s possible), mozzarella and basil. Yummy! :)

well,thanks ,I'll  try to do it with your method :)

I think Rocio's idea is great!  It's always best if you make your own dough.  Make it the night before and let it rest in the refrigerater so that the flavor grows.  And tons of basil so that the kitchen smells like a basil farm. : )

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