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Can I Have Some Help With My Japanese Assignment? Please?

So essentially I have this task where I have to write an email as if I were an exchange student in Japan and I have to send this email to my friend back here in Australia. So I have to talk about what school life is like in Japan compared to Australia. Like, what kind of subjects I'd study there compared to that here (which is Math, Science, English, Geography, P.E., History and two electives). We also need to mention what the actual school day is like compared to those in Australia. So like how the day runs... (?) Like I'd describe a typical day in Australian school (or my school anyway) is that at 8:40am school starts and we go to rollcall. Then we go to our classes for the next two periods, if assembly day we have that before recess, then have recess, then another 2 periods, lunch and then 2 more periods before the day ends and we can go home at 3:10pm. That kind of thing I guess? And things like we spend about 6 hours of school and that kind of stuff. We can even do a specific school if anyone is willing to share that much detail with me about a specific Japanese school that you went to or know a lot about. ^_^ If someone could help me out it'd be great! Thanks ^_^




It sounds that your assignment includes the research part as well as composing the email. What does the task and/or criteria sheet say? I give you one website, so you can start researching from there. It is a good idea to try yourself before asking for help from others. Good luck with your assignment.

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