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Hi people!

I have a question. When I watch American or English films in Russian translate I hear that very often person say men something "Hi girls!" (translate to English back, In English it is something like "Hi ladies" or "Hi lads"). But I'm not sure that is correct translate. I think that in original is used "Hi lads".  What could you say? Do men use "ladies" in speaking between?




If someone says 'lads' they mean men or boys. I believe though that's not used in outside the UK or Ireland.


It's seen as polite by some to use 'ladies' to refer to women. So it's used. 'Girls' often can be used but not with older women and maybe some women don't want to be called girls. 

They very often say "Hi guys", not girls and it doesn't depend on genders

When I watch American film, i also see this words used between men. i think they want to express a feeling of disappointment or dissatisfaction(for example a grunt speaks to a recruit or a football palyer speaks to his teammate).i think it is equal to the word fag though it's not so aggressive.But sometimes they use it between friends,maybe they just make some fun. I am not a native speaker,I dont know whether my comprenhesion is right.

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