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Looking for every evening or at least consistent weekly talk exchange in English/Mandarin!!

Are you serious about learning English? Do you live in China? Do you want to practice every day, a couple times a week or at least once a week? Are you female?

I am an American teen fluent in English and Spanish and I live in Penang, Malaysia right now, so on the same time zone as China. I am at a 4th grade level in Mandarin reading and writing. I just need to spend time talking and stretching out a bit with what I know in speaking. I can help you do the same.

I have met great people on italki but I am getting very frustrated as I still don't have regular, consistent talk exchange partners every day.

We can do a 1/2 hour each of Mandarin and English conversation or I can talk in Mandarin and you can answer back in English so we both get time to practice for an hour or more.

I want to talk every day during the week from 7pm to 9pm on skype or qq.

Should we set up a schedule?

Who wants to talk on Monday? What time? Can you commit to this time every week?

Who wants to talk on Tuesday? What time?

Who wants to talk on Wednesday? What time?

Who wants to talk on Thursday? What time?

Who wants to talk on Friday? What time?

Those are the best times for me, so I hope they work for you too! Please contact me!



If u really live in Malaysia, wouldn't u have been influenced by their local english so called " malayglish"? haha.....

Hi, I think we can be consistent partner. I always want to find a female English native speaker to talk to. You want to learn Chinese, n m a college teacher with reliability n standard Chinese accent. My qq is 22049641 n my Skype is sophiaviva. Hope we can stop finding partners from today.

Yes, they do indeed speak Manglish here because most learn English from people who are 2nd language speakers. it is a bit different than Chinglish, but similar because some American sounds are hard for Chinese just as some Chinese sounds are hard for English speakers.

We do not really live here. I have been traveling the world non-stop for the last 8 years. (

But we came to Penang so I could immerse in Mandarin at a Chinese school here. "Malaysia is the only country outside mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau to have a complete Chinese-medium education system."

English is my first language ( along with Spanish and Mandarin that I learned from birth...but we dropped the Mandarin for a little while as my parents only speak English).

In English, I have an American San Francisco accent as that is where I lived the first 5 years of my life before we started to travel.

My Spanish got better from living in Spain and going to school there for 4 years.

I probably have a bit of a Malaysian accent to my Chinese, but I have also studied in China so hope to improve that.

No Manglish for me, but I must say I can understand it pretty good. ;)

Hi Sophia! I am so happy to meet you and look forward to talking regularly with you. YEA!!

I am living in Beijing. I think that I can help you. I am very glad to help you!

i'm   a  chinese  and   a   female.i   can   exchange   language   with  you.

l'm really serious in learning English, please add me on Skype  account : rainbamboo3

too bad, if u stay a bit longer, u will find out that malaysian chinese's mandarin is kinda hard to understand, as they mix some of the dialects into the language merely for exaggerating the expressions in certain situations. hehe

Thanks Renee, Nacy, and Naomi! I will be in touch by message to set it up!

It's worked great for me Xyre and they had no trouble what so ever understanding me in China. It was fabulous to go to China the first time, knowing how to speak, read and write Mandarin and that made it a lot easier for my whole family while there.

I am still working on Chinese, but the school here was a great place to get immersion and the basics down well. I even won a trophy for the Mandarin elocution contest.

That said, I am happpy to be homeschooling again and I can go faster now with my great tutor who has an excellent accent ( from China but living here). I am happy to find many on italki with good standard Mandarin accents to help me improve.

 This is why we picked Penang:

It is almost impossible for an English native speaker to learn Chinese as an adult, so I am grateful I got this opportunity while young. Most expats or travelers here don't bother, but it was valuable for me and worth the effort.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what is the perfect Mandarin accent, but I think people in China are use to different accents because they all have them. A person from Beijing sounds different than Shanghai or the south etc. and Singaporeans and Taiwanese have different accents too...but they manage to communicate usually.

I don't think a minor accent is a major concern for a 2nd language learner and usually can be tweaked to perfection if needed in the future....especially if someone is young like me. I am still learning!

I am glad to have this opportunity and looking forward to adding French next in France and Tahiti.

The good news is it is easier today to learn languages any where and it helps to start young!

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