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career and marriage which one you will choose?

if you must make your desicion which one you would choose?it's hard,isn't it?



Both, a good man supports his wife´s career, I wouldn´t have to make a choice.

My love is helping me to find my ways to succeed too.

of course carrier because no one help you out when you are in the bad situation and a person need an idea to choose the right way.As i just believe in me and my GOD.He is the one who guides me and always care for me so i didn't need anyone.

In reality, it is always a complicate issue. You will pick one after a comprehensive evaluation which includes the detail that no one else can ever touch.

Probably career. Better to be rich and lonely imo but it just depends in the end.

Housewife can also be a kind of career. haha

Then you have to compare which kind of job is better for you.

For now career because Im still young but i know time will come I might choose marriage and family rather than career.. 

for me,maybe if I do not have a kid yet, I will choose my carreer.

But it's be different when I have a kids, I prefer to concern in my little family.

Career for now, because I'm young and I have to focus on my feature.

career first if career is good then life is good and also marriage


career of course. i want win economic freedom

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