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What is the difference between someone, somebody and some?

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'Some' when used before a singular noun is similar to the indefinite article, except it implies the selection is more random.


'Someone' is just 'some + one'.

'Somebody' is just 'some + body'.

They both mean 'some person'. I don't know why they're written as one word when they should be two. It's the same for 'nobody', 'something', 'anything', 'nothing' and 'anyone/anybody'.


'Some', when used before a plural or uncountable noun, means a small number of  something but not too many.









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some to me can not be used alone, it's used with some-thing else, i think it means a part of a whole.

some bread, some money, some love,  which i guess could be left out and the sentence could still work, albeit not as well.


someone/body/jerk/ahole/scumbag/loser/yahoo/.... to me means the same thing they are synonyms.

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