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I want to travel (and possible move) to Asia. Without being biased for your own country, where would you live?

If you could choose one of these countries, where would you live, and why?







Japan, China, or Taiwan is fine, but I'd prefer Korea. Korea is a full-blossom country in which old & modern harmoniously contiguous. You can see an old palace in the middle of busy office buildings. You can meet friendly people and share the culture because some of them are really excited to make new friends and sharing what they like, guiding you around, hanging out, and doing great activities. Living cost are really depends on what you like, you can deal with the low cost living pattern or the extravagant one. Language maybe the one that would be very hard to approach since you have to learn from zero, but Korean language are really interesting! :D I've met a few Korean natives and they are so nice and humble, they care for each other and are easy going friends :)


I'm not Korean, but I like Korea, take me there too... Haha =))

i will prefer China..... 

Here is my introduction to the 3 asian countries as a korean and forgive my biased opinion though I try not to be biased. I don't know much about twian though.


If you are new to asia and want to see asian culture, Japan will be most comfortable.
Japan is clean and has best service in the world (yes. you will feel you are served as a paying customer. Not like you are begging for services). Lots of places to visit.
Negative is living cost is high. Renting a room is expensive and hard to get one if you are a foreigner. Transportation is expensive too.


China is, well, hugh country and too many places to go and lots of things to see.
But dangerous traffic, air pollution, dirty street is negative. And living in big cities are expensive.


Korea is between the country, not only in geographically but also in most aspects of livings. (except the landmass and the population)


You will have language problems in all 3 countries. Most kind japanese people will wait patiently until you make some sense to them. Second korean people will pass you to other people until you are passed to an english speaking person. Chinese people will keep speaking chinese and shrug.


Living with unlimited budget and Japan is recommended.

Living with limited budget and still want to live comfortablely, Korea is recommended.
China is cheapest but so big and lots of places to visit. You live in one of the above countries and visit china from time to time, is best I recommend.
All three countries are wanting native english teachers if you want a job.


After reading the comments I prefer Japan kkk

I would prefer Japan, but then it is too expensive :(

Hiya! Well I'm and Indian born and raised in Hong Kong and I love it! I would say it's a bit like the New York or London of Asia - a multicultural bustling city. You won't have much of a language barrier as majority of people speak fluent or at least conversational English. Japan is insanely clean and is quite picturesque but I feel like it's even more packed than Hong Kong is which says a lot! :P Apartments and rent are expensive here in Hong Kong but everything else I find cheaper than in the states and the UK. Plus our public transportation kicks major ass AND all the directions and maps are in English!


Having lived in Hong Kong all my life, I wanted to leave for university and experience somewhere else and whilst I love the UK, Hong Kong has a certain charm to it that no other city can compete with. And that's not being biased, promise! X

Well, about China, it depends which city you go to. I wont sugguest big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, those are cool places to visit, but not good ones to live in for long. If you really wanna get your Chinese improved and know more Chinese culture, I'd suggest some northern cities like Xi'an, and some other smaller ones...And, uh, I have to let you know one thing, it's always crowed in China, in some places, it's like SUPER crowed...haha

Well, big cities in all three countries are crowded. You have to get used to living in a small hen house, unless you are super rich.

I'm a Taiwanese but I'm not that patriotic. You could tell from my profile pic lol
There are lots of exchange students in my uni.
My friend from WV said that living in Taiwan is her happiest experience. For example:there are 7-11 all over the world, but they're totally different. The clerk in Taiwan would heat up the food or make a cup of coffee for ya. But my friend said that these would never happened in her states, she had to buy it, go home, and heat up by herself. And you can buy everything you need in 7-11 anytime (I mean it, everything! anytime! 24H!)(maybe it sounds weird but they do have everything in the store.)
My friends from China told me that the most melancholy thing for 'em is that they can't use things like facebook or Youtube. And they have to be very careful of what they say or what they post on the internet becasue the government has some limitations; among other things, because of the political reasons.


Korea is a good county tho, but it's a bit dangerous living there because of the North Korea. You never know when they'll attack ya. Moreover, it's extremely cold in winter. (I personally kinda like Korea, so I can't list too much disadvantages 'bout it. Anyways, if you wanna live in Korea, you must follow the traditions and be soooo polite like they cant hold the glass and drink down the soju right in front of the elders.)
Japan is good n beautiful, but the cost of living would be so high. Plus, Japanese have to live/ work in the tiny space because the density of population is way higher than the living space.
These are just my personal opinions, no offense. >____<
I dont mean to hurt anybody. I respect every country<3 Im just glad to be in Taiwan and enjoy my life. Every country has its own distinguishing features. And thats what makes this world even much more beautiful ^__^

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