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What is the last film that you saw at the movies?

Do like movies? What is the last film that you saw? Was it good?




The Woman In Black, with Daniel Radcliff.  It was amazing!!!

Source Code Very good

Titanic....LOL..that´s how long it has been since I´ve gone to a movie theater.

The Dark Knight Rises. Before that, Kung Fu Panda 2. I think they were the only two movies I saw last year or this year haha

Recently saw The Great Gatsby with  Leonardo DiCaprio. I like this Scott Fitzgerald's novel and last screen adaptation I like too.

I love movies ^^

The last I saw was Shadow in the sun. I liked it (a romance...XD).


La vacance de Monsieur Bean!

Django Unchained.....stunning!!!!!


Last week I tried to watch old films,so I saw  "Gone with the wind" and " War and peace".

I love movies,and the last movie that I saw was harry potter with the philosopher's stone,it was amazing, I have watched Harry Potter moive collections for 4-5times each.:)

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