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i don't know why,but there i don't find any interesting topic for discussion,and i don't know why...?? :P




There are lots of interesting topics out there. Actually you could simple start by just asking a simple question :) 

It's same thing for me , I feel it is a little bit boring , always same questions always same answers :/


Maybe you should tell us about your interests :) and we could start a topic then :) What do you think? :)

Nice discussions Rosa.
Ayka, it´s great to see that you also like interesting topics.


thanks for comments)))) 

Maybe you have to check again and find a beauty in simple things <3 :)


I have to admit , most of topics is not so fascinating to me . I use plenty of time to find something worthy to respond .As for learning language ,I would change my mind thoroughly , I can find lots of topics to respond here . I would answer much more than the initiator wants . After all , it is a website built for learning language instead of topic based forum.


  A video to watch


in English.

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