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How do I improve my vocabulary ?



If you want to learn more words you should read a lot of books - it's the best way.

Many people will tell you that you need to read, listen. But I tried to learn english lexicon by heart. Because I knew when I will know all in that book I will have a good vocabulary for understanding.

Also I find software like anki or supermemo very useful. There are a lot of data bases available.

when i see anew word inthe sentence i use oxford dictionary ,it gives me the meaning of word ,examples , pronuncation and idom. learn new words in the sentence

Read and listen.


Normally I do not look up words, which I do not know. I rather try to understand the general meaning of the word and the whole sentence. Probably I will not understand at first, but the same word will show up again in some other book and context. Then I probably will understand better. Looking up words while reading won't help you. Your fluency and general understanding will suffer! Maybe you should read things you already know? This way you will understand the general story, and you can learn some related vocabulary. If you are generally interested in the topic you will be reading about, you might want to write down some vocabulary that might be in the book. Look it up in a dictionary! Write a list on your computer, if possible, this way you can use alphabetical order. This will help you to look up the words faster and more easily while you are reading your book. Do not forget to have this list at hand during your reading session.  If you now see a word you do not know, have a glance at your list. This is a great dictionary, because you only find the vocabulary you need. You can update this list any time you like: delete words you already know or add new ones! Make many of those lists for topics you like. Always print out the newest version!

Thanks to all of my italki friends for your valuable comments. I am trying to be fluent in english but sometimes I could not find the exact words to match the sentences and this is may be due to vocabulary.

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