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Is anyone here good at chemistry? I need help with one problem



I am a chemist, so you can ask me.

Thanks, this is the question: How many primary alcohols, which 3.7g releases 560cm^3 H2 in reaction with elementary Na, are there?

Hope, the reaction mechanism helps you.


2Na + 2RCH2OH --> 2RCH2ONa + H2



thanks, I solved it, do you know to solve this: What is the value of H2 (normal conditions) which gets released when we add 4.6g of elementary Na into 100g of pure ethanol?

I made a typing mistake, I wrote value instead of volume

Here is a reaction mechanism again:

2Na + 2C2H5OH --> 2C2H5ONa + H2


0,2 mol Na

0,46 mol ethanol


I am not sure what the volume of H2 is correct.

I found 0,1 mol H2 or 0,23 mol H2. 

So which one is right, i am not sure. :)


1 mol = 22,4 L ( at normal conditions)


0,1x22,4 = 2,24 L (volume of H2)


0,23x22,4= 5,152L (volume of H2)


Hope, it helps.




thanks a lot, the first one 0,1mol H2 is correct, because that is the limiting reagent and ethanol is in excess, I just couldn't remember it :) thanks again :)

You are welcome :)

Yes, you are completely right. I couldn't remember it as well at the first time.


Don't hesitate for any question. ;)


Good luck.

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