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do what you need or do what you want?

sometimes, you have to chooose do what you need or do what you want, which is difficullt ~.~ i personally intend to do what i want because you only live once and you are the owner of your life .__. considering and doing what you want may help you become a trustful person due to your strong-will or a reliable consultant due to ur plausible decisions :">. moreover, if you can control urself and arrange everything , you will help urself well in ur future job and later life ;) . some of my friends say on the contrary that :" u 're just a teengirl. be awake! u can destroy ur life within a second by wrong steps in ur consideration B( ". for example, if ur parents said :"facebook is not good, u should be studying in stead of suffing web or see what's new on fb. omit it in ur life!" , what will u do =)) between what u need and what u want, what will u do ?

:) if i have mistakes, please edit . thanks \m/



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