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Who is the most helpful user on italki?

Who has helped you the most on italki when it comes to corrections and language learning?  :)



Different people helps me... Yes, sure there are few people whom I usually help with corrections and advises, but it's just because Russian is not so popular as English which I, I have no "the most helpul person" who always correct me...maybe just my British friends, but we usually do not talk here XD


Good question. I don't know. :)


<A href=''>Jura< />. Absolutely yes. 


You could find them here

Jura is definitely one of the top contributors!

Thanks guys, I'm happy to  help people :))

All of my italki friends.

Since italki has changed, I don't get help from my friends as I used to get. In the previous format, all the updates were seen in the italki homepage. In the previous one, my posts and questions were seen more. Now after one day I only get 30 views, but before these changes, I got at least 30 views in just one hours. I think the previous format was much more helpful than this one.

It is really hard to see all my friends updates. We wish you could solve this problem.

Sarah, if you were going to fix this problem, how would you do it?  :)

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