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Trip to China


Hey, I am going to China at the end of July and I was wandering how much money I should take.  How much would it cost for a single meal, lunch and dinner?  How much does transport cost? What is the price of some basic items like water and snacks?

I am going to Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai (I am sure they the place matters as to how much it'll cost, just like in England)

Also, does anyone know anything interesting about these places? Culture? Way of life? The people? What are their views on the Western world?



how long will u stay there,it depend on the time,if u stay there long,maybe the hotel need cost much ,in facy,the food in china is very cheap. Beijing and Shanghai is big city ,so many things is expensive ,Xian is cheap then they.about the view,Beijing is most modern and have many ancident building ,because of u r foreigner,so ,they will friendly with u .

A bottle of milk is 3 to 5 RMB. A bag of bread is about 5 to 10 RMB. A bowl of rice porridge is 3 to 5 RMB. A steamed stuffed bun is 1 to 2 RMB. A bowl of noodles is 5 to 20 RMB. So I think the price for a breakfast is about 10 to 20RMB. But I just spend 5RMB in my breakfast. The  price for a single lunch or dinneR maybe is 20 to 30RMB for a person. But if you are in China and want to taste different Chinese local food, you will cost much more. It just for your reference. Hope it can help.


I have been to China 3 times and the last time was to Beijing earlier this month. My last trip to Shanghai was 10 years ago so I will only comment on Beijing.


Buying a bottle of water is about 2RMB in a small shop but in the hotel about 30RMB. You can apply this rule to the price of everything in China. For example a coffee costs about 30RMB at Starbucks but at small out of the way coffee shops you can pay 8RMB. Soft drinks etc are also in the same range as the water.


1 big mac meal(Big mac, coke, fries) is about 15RMB. As for dinner we would often eat in Wangfujing which has a 7 level mall. The top two levels have restaraunts so the meals were ranging from 30 to 50RMB each. Obviously this is still more expensive then more out of the way places.


I was only there one week but I budgeted the same as I would for going to a western country as the majority of your savings will be on food, clothes and the transport. If you stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel it is western prices at least for your accomodation.


Taxis are very cheap. My taxi ride from the airport to wangfujing cost 91RMB and is roughly 35km or more. My wife and I paid 4200RMB to have a private guide and driver for 4 entire days and that included lunch and entry fees to all the places we went to in Beijing. We also spent a couple of days doing our own thing and in my opinion Beijing is still more affordable then Australia.

hello, welcome to China. M in Xi'an n m very familiar with everything in X'an. As someone above said, things here r much cheaper than Beijing n shanghai. It is a historic city, full of historic sightseeing. Ur question is a bit general to answer, so why don't u ask me in private. I would love to introduce my beautiful city to u. Btw, m a qualified tour guide of Xi'an.

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