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One life without

Hello Everyone


Can you get by without Facebook or Twitter?

You don't think is better to read a book or to do nothing else?





So what? I have no account at Facebook and Twitter and feel good.
Problem? ))

I think first of all social networks is just a possibility to easier communicate for people which far apart. Sure, there are many other interesting things in this world, but… when I offline for a long time I miss my profile and my friends)

I hope that one day I`ll live without facebook, it takes so many time :)) 

real life is the most, i mean, imaginational world is only for independent and strong ppl, who knows attaked it adecvate, dont be manipulated, for so that rather have to original emotions as in fb and tw, i mean


Hello,I don´t have Facebook or Twitter.

But I´m considering the fact that may be to learn languages, I will make an account.For example,there´s an excellent blog to learn Russian,Russificate, and if you enter through facebook,you can do a lot of excercices.

don't have either; life is good!

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