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Egynglish (Egyptian colloquial Arabic and English free lessons)


Hello Everyone,
السلام عليكم

If you're an Arabic learner interested in learning or improving your Egyptian colloquial Arabic, or if you are Arabic speaker and want to learn English or sound more fluent in it, then this series is the right for you.
Egynglish presents Egyptian colloquial Arabic expressions, idioms and phrases and its equivalent in English.


Stay tuned for more Episodes.

Mona Azam




This is GREAT ! Thanks so much Mona ! Subscribed to your YT channel immediately  ;)

Thanks for link

God job....keep it up..:)

thanks mona for your effort......God your nation beneficial....we need lessons i will follow your lessons ....can ou give me plan to get well on improve m language step by step because i coudn't improve my language and i'm start but i haven't any plans or lessons....thanks 


Thank you all. Stay tuned for more lessons. :) 

@ Rosy please feel free to contact me or book a session on italki, to discuss a plan that is suitable for your level. If you don't know how to book a session please let me know. 



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