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Being a grown up !

Sometimes i think that being a grown up is being a fake person, an hypocryte, you can't always tell people what you really think about them and even more you have to seem friendly to those who you don't like, you do all that just to have a stable social life and to get benefits, this is how to be a grown up !



So stop being a fake person and stop thinking about how to have a stable social life and how to get benefits. Just be yourself, otherwise u will b the same like the others.


Thnx but i'm not talking about myself, i just have seen many people doing this, they're always hiding their feelings and pretending to be other persons just to get something from you..

What i writed here is what society wants from us !!

wrote*... sorry :)

That's why we have to know where is the boundary between the society and us, in order to prevent us from getting lost in the society n thus being influenced in the wrong way n no longer reconignize who we really are. By the way, sorry for the misunderstanding. haha

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