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Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!,Today i would like us to discuss the following,,,,what would u do if it is the last day in your life?   As for me I will ask to forgive all those whom i hurted and will say how much i love my relatives , friends .  Then I will go somewhere with my beloved and hug him untill my death......




Good question

It's really intersting when we thinking about the exact moments before death.

It depend on situation but I think in the last moment I just review all I have done in this world and thinking about are things that matter for me really worth my consideration or not and hope that to be happy in the last moment and proud to what I done.

Although It's not so simple to really be happy on the end.

Thanks Shanin for comment,    it is very good when you proud about what you have done in your life..We should better regret for things we hadn t done ...

@ Ann your answer just made me think about something. Why do we have to act good just before our death? Very interesting.

May be because our proud and selfishness doesn t let us do that earlier,,,and after we recognise the last chance we try to change something,,,

I try living every day like my last day and I am happy)

It s great Alla,,,,,I hope you do it quite well!!!!!!!!


I will pray , read quran, and try to do something good for people :)

i will seek my revenge from some people cuz there will be no tomorrow so i won't be judged.After that, i will just sit at a corner and wait how i will die. i am not so optimistic what i mean is i am am materialist and i do not believe that in my last day, i can enjoy :)

remzi, but it's awful to sit and wait for the's scaring.

As for me, i'd like to say that i would do something crazy i've never done before..but if is really the last day of my life i'd prefer to spend it with people i love the most. to make this day pleasant and memorable for them

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