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Can you recommend some interesting Chinese TV dramas for me please? (Preferably Main land programs)


I need more exposure to everyday Chinese rather than all the formal materials I have. Can you recommend some interesting Chinese TV dramas for me please? (Preferably Main land programs) What programs are popular in China right now? Can you link me to a place to watch them online, preferably with simplified Chinese subtitles, Thank you.



My wife has just finished her fourth viewing of the series "Empresses in the Palace." It is about the lives of the Emperor's concubines in the early 1700's and, though undoubtably fiction, is "based on" real people and events. It ran as a regular series and has 76 episodes. Just Google the title, you can watch it from the internet.

Try zhongwenmovies dot com. I also click on Youku dot com but you have to randomly click on titles if you can't read Chinese yet. Some shows on Youku are available in the states and some aren't but I've found some good movies and cartoons to watch. 赵氏孤儿案 (Zhao Shei Guer) is one that I watch and it has subtitles and the actors speak clearly.

TV drama~ I prefer sitcoms. Such as 家有儿女,炊事班的故事,武林外传. And if you like some regular series on costume and kung-fu, there are some dramas I like very much.For example 还珠格格,少年黄飞鸿,白娘子传奇,少年包青天,甄嬛传,金枝欲孽,仙剑奇侠传. And there are also some TVdramas telling the story about the life about young people and morden city , like 奋斗,北京爱情故事,蜗居,裸婚时代. Or you might be fond of the story about Chinese history , which I am not familier with. You can google some documentary film to watch. Do you like cross-talk and witty skits ? I like them very very much, there are some cross-talk masters : 刘宝瑞,马三立,马季,侯耀文,姜昆. I like 王自健's talk show named 80后脱口秀 as well. I think you can also down load some Chinese podcast .

Have you tried Fluent U?

i think 水浒传!this one is best !and you also can learn some chinese history .


I have viewed all 80 episodes of this. Not the type of drama I'd watch in english but I found it easier to follow and get into then some other dramas with my limited vocabulary. I may get a few sentences in a row at times.


There are more episodes so if you select this one you can see episode 2 on the right hand side.

Ipartment Season 1 爱情公寓第一季 is really a funny  TV drama, like Friends in US I think. 家有儿女 is a TV drama talking about family, just like the Modern Family.


But if you want to see the newest TV Drama, you can visit or I am not sure if you can open these links or not. And now my colleagues are watching 宝贝(bao bei), 断奶(duan nai), 陆贞传奇(lu zhen chuan qi). And Jessie Gu really recommend many intersting TV Dramas.


Also if you want to try some funny entertainment show, I can recommend you some popular shows, like 快乐大本营(kuai le da ben ying), 非诚勿扰(fei cheng wu rao), 天天向上(tian tian xiang shang), 饭没了秀(fan mei le xiu. Kids in this show are really cute. I love this show very much).......


How about Chinese film?Honestly,i seldom watch Chinese TV drama,but i strongly recommend 《人在囧途》.This is really a hilarious and meaningful Chinese film that reflect how different are the values between the affluent and the impoverished =DD

If you like Chinese food, I highly recommend you a documentary “舌尖上的中国".  If you like traveling, there is another one named “美丽中国". Both of them have English versions provided by BBC.

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