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How to say "I LOVE YOU" in your language?

To say "I LOVE YOU" in Indonesian is "AKU MENCINTAIMU". How about your language?



Good discussion! :) "I LOVE YOU" in Persian is " دوستت دارم [ doostat daaram ] " The pronunciaion I wrote is the standard pronunciation. But the colloquial pronunciation is " دوست دارم [ dooset daaram ] " :)

In Malay, we say 'Saya cintakan awak.' But Malay and Indonesian similar, just have a bit different.. 


"Я тебя люблю" in Russian

in Russian it is "Я люблю тебя" - Ya l'ubl'u tebya. in Kazakh - Мен сені сүйемін [men seni sujemin]

In Vietnamese we say " Tôi yêu bạn", "Anh yêu em", " Em yêu anh"... It depends :)

In Philippines we say "MAHAL KITA" or "INIIBIG KITA"

In China,we say“我喜欢你”or“我爱你”

in hindi:- mai tumse pyar krta/krti hu

in haryanvi :- m tanne ghana pyar kru su

in punjabi :- Mai tennu pyaar karda haan

in sanskrit :- tvaaM kaamayaami sarvakaalam Ashu

In Turkish it is '' Seni Seviyorum''

In Spanish we say Te quiero or also Te amo (but this has a stronger meanning)

And in Catalan is T'estimo

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