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Why learning Dutch is the easiest thing in the world - a tutorial


Learning languages can be loads of fun for some, and loads of pain and stress for others. Especially when you have irregular verbs (just like in Dutch) you cannot go quickly, but you need to learn every - single - exception! Many exceptional verbs are pretty vital (like to be = zijn, you just need to know that) so you cannot opt-out on them.
But for the rest, Dutch is pretty easy. Why? All over the world, there are language families from which languages spring from.

The main language families in Europe are


- Germanic

- Italic

- Balto-Slavic


Since northern European countries (UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and a few more) used to be inhabited by Germanic tribes, you can figure out things when you know one of these Germanic languages.
So, already just by being able to read my post, you will be able to figure out Dutch easier. Speaking, though, will make much more sense and you will be able to unlock Dutch much faster. 

Do not forget to play with your knowledge and try to see links. When learning Dutch from English, look at German words to understand Dutch better, or even Danish.

How do you use other languages to learn Dutch? Does it work? What works and what doesn't?

The best of luck,

O-J, Community Tutor Dutch



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