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summer vacation ^^ hot , hot ,hot

where would you like to go on ur summer vacation?

why ?

what should you bring ?

how much do you need to pay ?

finnally it sounds like a plan



In my country there are two season rainy and summer. which is the summer weather is normal, so if for a holiday I usually do a small trip to a remote area with physical preparation and accommodation costs.


Russians are reall mad of travelling. We can make vacations in every season. But as for summer vacations - beach holidays are the most popular!

awsome Daria ^^


Hi ^^


Greetings from Thailand.


These days the weather is too hot ! although it rains sometimes.

Without rain, it is still hot : )

That why I need ice-cream every moment : P



I like to go to the beach with my family or my friends, sometimes we go to the mountain, we take 1 hour to arrive to the beach or to the mountain. I relax there and I recover forces qith my family. we travel with swimsuits, summer clothes, but some nights are cold.

This summer I wanna go mountain climbing .

i'll climbing Eath face of Damavand. ( Damavand is highest peak in Iran by 5610 m)

Iran (it is my country) , the weather varies a lot in different regions .

On Damavand , in this season , it is not too cold , but wind-chill is a dangerous factor.

last summer i conquered the Damavand's giant summit but from North face and i'm first 15 girl that could be one of Damavand's summiter :)

I usually spend my summer holiday at home...coz it's too hot outside...~~>.<~~

M_rk_s : maybe ur next vacation u can come to viet nam or thailand , just my suggestion

I think M_rk_s will not go to these countries..becoz he said,"I do not really want to travel to a warm country "...vietnam and thailand are not warm countries..they're hot countries...

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