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Idiom of the day - maybe everyone could post their idiom of the day in their own language - just an idea!

It's time to let you hair down, it's Friday!

to let your hair down =  to have fun/to go wild!



Thank you, gina. Never heard that idiom before.

But I don't understand. How come 'let hair down' mean to have fun?

You know the origin or reason behind of the idiom?

Gracias a Dios, es Viernes!!  

I think she means: let your hair down=> go to party and enjoy it, don't stay at home go out and enjoy Friday night! (Run out the stress)

thank u


la lluvia se detuvo :D

I contribute 2 idioms with English translation 



God help those people who help themselves



Two heads are better than one


Actions speak louder than words.

Today's idiom from me:

busy as a bee = to be very busy!! To be doing/organising lots of things


Hi : GinaSorrisa 


I like your topic as I can practice my idioms every day

and I think idioms can bring people to reflex more .

It is quite interesting and wise essence from the whole society   

there are 5 new idioms I learned  today


禍不單行 Misery loves company.  禍不單行

每個問題都有正反兩面看法 ( 公說公有禮,婆說婆有禮) There are two sides to every question

天網恢恢,疏而不漏 God's mill grinds slow but sure

想像力比知識更重要 Imagination is more important than knowledge

舌劍利於刀劍 Words cut more than swords


have all of you a good blessing  

Actions speak louder than words = What you do is more important than what you say

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