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traveling :-)

do you like meet new people and why ?




I am a very open minded person who loves meeting new people. In fact that is part of why I love to travel. There's nothing better that going somewhere you've never been before. I love to learn about people, history, and culture. I feel alive from new experiences, and I love the rush of being somewhere unfamiliar to me. People who don't want to go anywhere miss lots of opportunity to learn.

I love traveling because it makes us able to know new people, new cultures and new civilisations !
in fact, diversty create the beauty of this world , it kills monotony and helps people to be more comprehensive and tolerant, because when we meet new people, we understand other cultures and that makes us able to understand behaviors and reactions of other people !


Variety is the spice of life! a new friend is a new door in your life that you cann't know what is behind it until you open in.

I like to travel, meet new people, I like the others cultures, customs, lifestyle. If I could, I would travel around the world, specially Europe and Asia.

Hello hıw are you ? Skpe ? 

İ want to learn engliiiisssshhhhhhh :)

yes....for me it is very interesting meeting with people.

it adds life when we are at our utmost boredom.

travelling too teaches us to appreciate things we see

 and people we meet...meeting people develops our confidence

it broadens our knowledge ... sort of learning new system

and way of is upon us how we treat the experience learned

from the person we have met.. it is so nice to travel and meet people.

both are exciting .

yes, because i like to discover what others thinking and to spend nice time with them.

Of course!  Thats what life is about, making connections with other people, learning each others cultures and histories etc.  There is so much to learn that it would take many lifetimes to experience it all.

 I traveled to the eastern part of your country Daduska and I meet great people everywhere. I loved visiting a Hrad. 

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