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What is your best month? and why ?



As for me, January. Why? Because of New Year, Christmas and my birthday :)

I like October and november months most, because this time weather is very pleasent, not too much hot and cold. u take interest in outdoor life. Moreover many festivals fall in these months in our country- like Dusshera, Diwali and so on.  There is hustle and bustle every where. These festivals are celrebrated by Indians with great pom and shows.  


definitely May! my birthday is in this month and you have the best weather -not so warm and not so cold with lots of pleasant breezes and light rains- and everywhere is green and all the flowers are blown and all the trees grown new leafs... in Persian calendar -it's called Jalaali calendar- we have a month named Ordibehesht; ordibehesht means "like to paradise"

for me is January: new year, here we are in summer: sun, beach :D

novomber because the wether come to be cold with heavy wind and rain and snow :)


november because the weather come to be cold eith heavy wind and rain and snow :)

June because it's in summer and "white nights" in my city.

December because it seems everyone is happy and rich at that month.

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