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hi! what phone we will use for 5 years? or maybe it would be google glasses?



In 5 years?

Nothing much will change. car is car and phone is phone. google glasses are glasses.

I just hope iphone to be thinner and lighter.

No. I hope I could live without a cellphone.

like it?

we will continue using products of Apple and Sumsung :)

Iphone 6 & 7 Galaxy s 5 & 6

I heard a new industry in restarting your gadgets . That is a new party emerged in Europe , named "restart party" which is focusing on repairing your old 3c products including computers and cell phones . You may check the BBC website with keywords "restart party ". I have an old phone which has been using for almost 10 years . Few years ago , I started to use another smartphone . It is obviously late for most young geeks. I think the most crucial role that  phones can play  is to communicate with your friends and manage daily affairs . I do not recognize how wonderful new mobile phones can bring us . For sake of efficient communication , I prefer to use my PCs to manage essential information instead of a small mobile phone . I telephone with my PCs also .


Are you trying to say:

Will you use a phone for more than 5 years ? 

I'm not sure about 5 years, but it looks that in 10 years we'll have implanted communication chip in our brain. ))

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