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30th June 2013 ... Lots of deaths !!!

In My Country today ... Lots of people are going to lose their lives for what they believe in or for money !!! 


The Question is :  Can you really sacrifice your life for what you believe in !? 



Perhaps, My life is going forward dead. So my attitude should know it. Just deal with relationship well that is like debt. Maybe I will do it.


I think many of us are sacrificing our lives for what we believe in, even without knowing it!


Imagine someone who is a teacher and has spent many years learning to teach then teaching for as long as he/she can. His/her life has been sacrifice for teaching, which is something he/she believes in.


Eventually we all die.

@DIDI  , yes i believe our life is just a dept to my lord as well , so living my goal is just equal to dieing for it ... its all the same , we gonna die anyway 

@Yini  , Working as a teacher is not the sacrifice i meant . cause the teacher won't _in normal conditions_ put his body infront of a bullet to teach ...   tho you are right that we all die in the end. 

@thirstybear  , what i understand from your words is that we need to fully understand first what we gonna pay our lives for ! and that's correct. Actually its nearly a must to be able to stand with no weapons infront of those with all kinds of guns and weapons , we need to fully believe with out hearts and minds that this is the Way we want ! and that's what we should be doing ! 


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