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Do you tell to people "Good morning, afternoon, night..." Always?

I was wondering if only in my country young people tell to old people "Good morning, afternoon, night". For example if a young person is walking in the street and he walks next to older people than he, he should to say "Good morning, afternoon, night" I personally don't like it, I say "Good..." only if I will have a conversation with someone. That happens in your country or only mine?



In Ukraine we never greet strangers on the street. Though it seems like a good tradition - to show respect to seniors. Maybe it's a little bit exaggerated, but still I like the idea. In Ukraine we usually make room for seniors in public transport, some can help carry or lift heavy bags. Something like that. But I wish we were more attentive to senior citizens. 

In Australia, people  of all ages say Good Morning/ afternoon/evening to their  bosses/ neighbours/ work colleagues/ aquaintances. They usually  just say 'Hi' to their friends.


I think it is not necessary. I agree with you. It's better to say it, just if you'll talk with they. In Brazil it is not usually. 

Here in the UK, at least the part where I live, it's actually quite common to greet the elderly in the mornings if you're walking past them with a good morning, but more often that not it is the older citizen that says "good morning" first. However, I've never heard a good afternoon or goodnight said to them in the street... that would just be weird haha. The only other times that greetings are said to strangers in the street that I'm aware of is either Christmas or New Years Day with a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year's" respectively :)


Here we say "good morning/afternoon/night" to older people, bosses, neighbors, shopping workers or if another people say me "good.....".

I have to say , if you are not familiar with some people , to be more polite is the best policy . Because people would judge you first sight by your manner or greeting . Never stress the importance of "HI" too much especially to those people who are not your acquaintance. I would rather too much greeting than being misunderstood .

In Indonesia, we have to respect people who are older and our boss, but if you meet a stranger who is older than us and we do not know them, we are not obliged to give greetings

It's our culture to greet anyone who is next to you specially to older than you but now a days only very few people doing it.. However in rural area you have to greet anyone who you may cross over specially at night, if they will reply good morning too it means they are human but if they will not it means they are ghost.. I dont know if it a superstitious belief or its just a joke..

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