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what is your favorite movie?

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my favorite transpotting,pulp fiction and factotum,,I usually watch movie..

My favorite movies are :

 "الرسالة" /The message/ ,  "Proud and prejeduce"  , "Taken"  , Slumdog millionaire ...

My favorite movies are :
"الرسالة" /The message/ , "Proud and prejudice" , "Taken" , Slumdog millionaire ...

Shawshank Redemption...nothing can get better than this.

Dr. Strangelove by Kubrick, it's a masterpiece!

Gran Torino, A perfect world, Mystic River

Jurassic Park

Moscow doesn't believe in tears!

Vale, you have excellent taste in movies!


It's hard to decide on a favorite movie but I'm a big fan of Fellini's 8½. 

Once Upon a Time in America. Forrest Gump.

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