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North or South accent. Bắc hay Nam giọng


 I am just curious, who is learning the Northern vietnamese accent and who is learning southern accent.

I have been learning the Northern accent, but did has a pass through the Colloquial vietnamese book, which is in the southern dialect.




 Why did you choose one or the other?  Do you have an easier time with one or the other?
I find listening and pronouncing the standard north dialect much easier than the southern. But maybe that is just because of exposure.

What are your opinions.



You should keep studying the Northern accent because your gf is Northern and her famil too. In Việt Nam, the northern accent is common. 

I was born in South Vietnam but my accent is North. It is because my parents and relatives are North accent. 

I think northern vietnamese is better in learning but southern is so cute. ^__^

Generalizing, the North is way easier than the South. A lot of letters in the South sound alike (x and s sound exactly the same) so it will be fairly difficult to spell. 
If you know North you can easily convert to South but its harder vice versa, though i think it depends on the person.  

Well, apparently, you have to know both of it but even you talk with a Northern accent in the South they can still understand it [and the opposite]. We don't have that much of differences between N&S. 


More than likely I recommend you to choose Southern because almost of the big cities, businesses, economy activities are most active in the South. The North is more like.... an Acient symbol of our country. ^^~ *admirable*

But it's all up to you though~ If you need any help I always welcome you to ask me ^.^



 @Quang - ya I have a lot of trouble distinguishing the letters/word in the southern accent. too muddled.

@nhien - I dont particularly like the sound of the southern accent, I am learning the north because my girlfriend and her family are from northern vietnam. Many people speak the northern accent it doesn't seem to just be an ancient symbol :P  But I posed this question only as a curiosity to see what others are studying and why



Thanks for all your replies so far 



Hello wushujosh,


Talking about accents, I guess there is no final answer. I speak Southern accent. I must admit that there is a number of characters that sound more or less the same in the South, such as "s" and "x", "ch" and "tr", "d" and "gi".


Nevertheless, because the South don't differentiate the sounds very much, you will have an easier time with the tones, which I believe is the hardest thing foreign speakers have to overcome. While speaking Northern accent, you have to be able to clearly pronounce the 6 different tones, in the South, 5 is enough.


More than that, depend on who you are, formal or informal, outgoing or traditional, keep in mind that sentence expression is very different between the 2 (talking about spoken language here), with the North being very traditional and conservative, it is like you have to go through all the necessary steps during a conversation, no matter how significant that might be, while in the South it is more relaxed, more expressive, with lots of different kind of emotions being put into. So in that sense, I guess the South is a little harder, in terms of vocabulary and grammar, because there are just too many supplementary words and ways to combine them to be able to use correctly.

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I'm primarily attempting to learn the southern dialect, because that's where my wife's family is from and most of the Vietnamese where I live in the USA are proud southerners. I don't really talk to my in-laws in Vietnamese, just Cantonese mostly, but they often speak to Vietnamese people so I want to understand what they say and getting better Vietnamese would help with my job of translation, too. Early on most of the materials I came across were northern, so I have had most of my listening practice with northern Vietnamese. As a result, sometimes I say things with a northern accent but use southern expressions. Now I've finally come across more southern stuff, partly as a result of using iTalki. I don't think there's a huge difference in which is harder, I think it's just a matter of getting more exposure, although having lots of language learning materials to teach the southern dialect would facilitate this.

The nothern accent is very sharp especially the pronounciation of 'r' 'đ' 'g' sounds similar.

In southern style 'v', 'r', 'g' and 'đ' sounds similar.

Next to three accents (north, middle and south) there are a lot of words which are only used

for literature/poems and not in everyday life because their source is the old Vietnamese language 

It doens't matter which accent you are learning you should know several versions.

You really should keep learning Northen accent, because it's nearly the standard dialect in Viet Nam. Although Northern accents diverse in many regions but they're closer to standard dialect than the others in Viet Nam 

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