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The second language in the word

I know the first language is english because it is international languge . but what is the second languge in the word? I want to learn a new language ,but which one is better?

please,send your answer with your reson/s.




As I know English is International language, but the language who has the most native speaker is Chinese. So if you want, you can learn Chinese.^^

0f course Chinese.

I think Spanish, because more of ex-colonies is England or Spain. More 1 billion people speak chinese but most of them live in China.

English is global language evidently. But going through the most spoken languages, chinese tops the list  followed by spanish, english, Arabic and Hindi. If i were in your shoes i would go for spanish because its speakers are there almost in every continent and so this language is quite widespread . 

Probably the 2nd language is Chinese 

in my way .....English is the international language,'ll find English speaker in all over the world....but so for as second speaking language is spoken by all over the world is concerned is Chinese.....but if you rally wanna and hungry to know the true valuable and more knowledgeable thing ....which is really related to good living life should sanskrit....:)

Spanish will be a future trend in the following decades . I know they have powerful influence in some mainstream international society. 


I recommend you spanish for the reasons that has told you hedji.

But frankly speaking, try to recognize if there is any language you would enjoy learning it, because often if you try to learn something only because it is useful you won't succeed. The language learning process is so long that you can feel luck of motivation while you studying it without putting heart and soul into it.

Anyway, we're all here for the same reason so - take your time, choose a language and good luck :)

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